Catalytic Converters in Motorsport - available now from Milltek Sport

Catalytic Converters in Motorsport: click to enlargeFor 2009 the Competitors and Officials Yearbook; the ‘Bluebook’ from the MSA states:-

Exhaust catalytic converters must be fitted to all petrol engined production based saloon, touring and sports cars, including specialist production and kit cars manufactured after 31/12/99. They may be specified for certain other formulae. Competitors are reminded of their obligation to maintain such equipment on a vehicle used on the highway where government legislation requires it.

Milltek has extensive experience in providing catalyst and exhaust solutions and can help your team to comply with the rules and ensure that your race car maintains the maximum performance possible. It's worth noting that testing by TÜV Bayern, in addition to other testing, have shown that HJS high performance catalytic converters do not produce any loss of engine performance (measurements according to DIN 70020) and keep within the exhaust gas regulations.

Milltek Motorsport uses only the finest quality FIA-Approved HJS high-performance catalysts. This new generation of catalysts are characterized by 30% less weight in relation to catalysts built using existing materials and techniques. Back pressure has been reduced by a further 10%, and the exhaust gas pollution reduction is optimised. The thickness of the foil (0,11mm) remains unchanged but is now of a PE Foil design which uses perforations to reduce weight and increase flow. Although the products may be new, they have been extensively tested and shown to offer the same high-levels of durability and reliability of existing products.

Milltek Sport has been active sponsors of the Volkswagen Racing Cup since 2004 and has been a UK Business Partner for HJS Motorsport since 2003. Motorsport catalysts are all 100 cpsi rated with special SM winding for maximum durability and have an outstanding heat rating of 1150 degrees C. These catalysts have been tested to produce up to 28% less backpressure than competitors products.

To view the complete range of racing catalysts, find out more information about the new regulations, see the solutions Milltek Sport can offer your team or, to buy online, visit our new Motorsport Cats website: or alternatively call us on 01332 227280.