Top European Ford Tuners choose Milltek for the new Focus RS

Top European Ford Tuners choose Milltek: click to enlargeFord's latest landmark performance model, the new Focus RS 2.5T, has not escaped the attention of Europe's top tuning firms and in their search for creating the ultimate tuning packages there was only one choice for the exhaust system – Milltek Sport.

Milltek has brought together all of it's 25+ years development experience and technical knowledge to produce the ultimate exhaust system for the new Ford Focus RS.

Milltek offers the exhaust in two forms, a cat-back system and a full turbo-back system. The cat-back system consists of a centre section, rear silencer assembly and dual DTM-tailpipes, and the turbo-back system adds a large-bore downpipe with adjustable bracket, and a hi-flow sports catalyst.

The cat-back system can be fitted to a car in standard tune (without an ECU remap) but if you fit the full turbo-back system you will require an ECU remap to ensure a smooth and trouble-free integration with the engine management system. We also recommend that, if you have the ECU remapped, that you fit the full-turbo system to get the best out of both the exhaust and the remap.

The 3-inch diameter pipework was chosen after extensive testing revealed that it offered the best balance between improved gas flow and reduced backpressure while maintaining low to mid-range torque, as well as enriching the five-cylinder engine sound without producing excessive noise or droning at cruising speeds. Do not however, assume it's a subtle sound; it endows the RS with spine-tingling tone under full acceleration, perfectly complimenting the character of the car.

Completing the transformation of the exhaust system are a pair of purposeful-looking 4.5-inch (115mm) DTM-style tailpipes which look almost OEM in appearance but hint at the new levels of performance on offer.