United Kingdom FlagMilltek Tom Onslow-Cole Race Report. Round 1: Brands Hatch

Milltek Tom Onslow-Cole Race Report: click to enlargeSo how was round one for you?

TOC: Overall It was a very positive weekend for the team as a whole, and I’m delighted to have racked up some points in our first outing. The car felt very good as we finished our shakedown late on Friday, and although the new engine was a factor to bear in mind, it all felt very together. Looking at our times, I thought we could hope for a top 5 finish if everything went well.

Race One proved to be a great way to break in my relationship with my ‘new’ car. It felt good and very positive, and setting the fastest lap in the race helped me to believe that we had set-up somewhere close to where it should be.. and obviously, the podium was a fantastic way to start the season – and great to see Rob on the top step.

Race Two sadly didn’t quite go to plan.. and that was my error really. Picking up the drive-through penalty for the start meant that I was having to play catch up for the whole of the race, but I was delighted to be able to claw my way back to tenth. All things being equal, it was a reasonable result.. and hopefully kept us in contention.

Race Three, as the TV showed, wasn’t great for a number of people! The reverse grid didn’t really help by not falling in our favour, but I got on with it anyway, starting back from row 5. The car felt good, but sadly, Mat’s oil lost turned Druids into a skating rink pretty much – and that was the end of our race. I was pretty lucky in the fact that my car only hit the wall. The left front suspension is in a real mess, but at least it wasn’t hit again, as some were. It’s all repairable and the WSR boys are already on with it.

With 22 points on the board, I’m excited about Donington, which is my favourite track – and I know that the 320 will go well there. Fingers crossed for a few more points next time out!

Catch Tom, in what we hope will be race-winning action, at Donington on the 15th April 2012.