Tom Onslow-Cole to race V8 Superstars at Donington this weekend!

TOC to race V8 Superstars at Donington!: click to enlargeOur very own Tom Onslow-Cole is always a busy chap. In addition to a gruelling BTCC schedule, he’s only gone and got himself a drive in the V8 Superstars at Donington this weekend! And in the ultra-competitive Jaguar XF-R to boot!

We caught up with Tom literally a few hours before he was due to jump on a plane from Austria to come over and begin his testing. Naturally we had to ask him what was going on:

How did this all come about? My team, West Surrey Racing have been in conversation with the organisers for a while. We got a call literally a couple of days ago to ask whether I would like to come and drive the car at of my favourite tracks. As you can imagine, I didn’t need much persuading!

How does the Jag differ from your regular BTCC BMW? It’s quite a bit more powerful that’s for sure. This car has proven to be very competitive in this series I'm looking forward to getting to grips with it. The honest answer is I don’t know. I’ve had zero seat time so far, so I’m straight into testing on Saturday. I love driving different machinery, and I feel this opportunity is a real privilege to be alongside some other fantastic drivers in some really quite special cars.

Donington. The full GP circuit for this event. Any different? I haven’t had a lot of experience of the Melbourne Loop as it’s so rarely run in the series I have been in, that said, it shouldn’t take me long to get to grips with it, and the other 90% of the circuit, which I am very familiar with, so I can’t see any dramas. Weather-wise, I’m hoping for bright sunshine to let me get to grips with the car. I can imagine it would be quite ‘exciting’ in the wet!

What are your hopes for this event? Obviously to finish as near to the front as possible! The car’s a potential winner; I'm feeling positive and confident at the moment, so you would have to say that we’re in with a chance. There are a few true legends in the mix like Johnny Herbert to keep me on my toes, but rest assured, I will be aiming for the podium from the second the lights go out!