United Kingdom FlagTom Onslow-Cole's thoughts ahead of the Volkswagen Racing Cup this weekend

Tom Onslow-Cole: VW Racing Cup pre-race thoughts: click to enlargeWith our very own resident BTCC ace, Tom Onslow-Cole, about to swap his RWD Beemer for the FWD charms of the Milltek Sport Scirocco race car in the Volkswagen Cup at Snetterton this weekend, we quickly caught up with him to grab his thoughts about the race...

So Tom, we know you love a new challenge...but what do you make of all this?

I can’t wait to get behind the wheel to be honest! I’m extremely grateful to you guys at Milltek for sorting this all out for me. Phil (Millington) has been working very hard behind the scenes to make this happen and the Scirocco is a car that I have always wanted to try. It’s a new build as I understand it, but it’s all been shaken down ready to go. That said, I haven’t had any seat time in the VW yet, so qualifying will be my test session as well…Should be interesting! I always I relish the chance to dip my toe into another championship and try myself against new drivers on new cars. It’s always good to keep you sharp.

FWD or RWD? Any preferences?

Hmm...hard to say. RWD is the more ‘pure’ driving experience, but I do love the way that you can be so much lairier in a FWD car. The Scirocco should be pretty forgiving, particularly if the weather doesn’t play along. You get a much greater ‘window’ of grip to play with in a car like that.

Have you seen any cars or drivers in the VW Cup that you really want to beat?

Just everybody, basically! I don’t really know who the guys are to watch in this championship, so I’m going to employ the faithful tactic of simply trying to be faster than everyone else. I promise to give it everything from the second that the lights go out – and if that Scirocco goes as well as it looks, it could be a great meeting!

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