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Milltek Sport Celebrate 35th Anniversary with All New VW Golf TCR Race Car

Milltek Sport Celebrate 35th Anniversary with All New VW Golf TCR Race CarThe length of time a company remains in existence says much about its values, expertise and the quality of its products, which goes a long way towards explaining why the guys at Milltek Sport are so excited to be celebrating their 35th anniversary this year. That's right, the UK's foremost custom and performance exhaust specialist has been in operation since 1982, a span of time that's seen it tackle systems of all shapes and sizes, as well as undertaking a burgeoning motorsport programme. As if to underline both its expertise and commitment to motor racing, Milltek Sport has opted to celebrate this massive milestone in suitably high octane fashion, by purchasing a VW Golf GTi TCR race car.

The aftermarket automotive industry of 2018 has changed beyond all recognition from the one Milltek was launched into back in 1982, meaning the firm has had to move with the times, evolving to into account key changes in technology (including vacuum controlled valves and HollowTek internals) and construction. It's been an amazing three-decades-and-a-bit, and the company which has emerged is bigger and far better suited to the demands of the modern aftermarket automotive world.

Of course, if there's one trait that's largely defined Milltek Sport in recent years, it's an all encompassing commitment to motorsport, most notably within the grueling Nurburgring VLN series. The last few seasons have seen Milltek Sport successfully campaign a Toyota GT86 in the Cup 4 VLN class, which has provided the team with ample experience of this immensely competitive series. This grounding, combined with the significance of 2018 within the company's wider history, has convinced Milltek Sport to up its motorsport commitment once again, which is why it has taken the dramatic decision to invest in a TCR race car, one based around the Mk7 Golf.

TCR can comfortably claim to be the most exciting closed-wheel race series currently in existence, its standing having been further bolstered by the recent news that it will form the basis of the revised World Touring Car Cup (formally the World Touring Car Championship) this year. The be-winged, big-power production based machines have been designed to allow firms with a surfeit of engineering nous to excel, Milltek Sport very much included.

Milltek Sport plans to enter a full VLN season with its latest purchase, and while the decision as to whether to also tackle the Nurburgring 24 Hour has yet to be made, nothing has been discounted at this stage.

The decision to base its TCR racer around the VW Golf was an easy one for Steve Pound and the rest of the Milltek Sport team to make, not least as VW models have formed the bedrock of the company's range for decades now. In fact, it's no exaggeration to suggest that the Golf in its various guises is the single most significant model within the Milltek Sport range, so all the more to use one as a racer!

Milltek Sport is keen to stress that its TCR project is an all new undertaking. This means that it represents a rare opportunity for previously unassociated third parties to come onboard, both from a sponsorship and a driving perspective. Those keen to get involved in either capacity should get in touch with Steve Pound using the details below.

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