Audi RS6 C7 4.0 TFSI biturbo quattro
I highly recommend Milltek exhausts, an Audi technician told me that it's the nicest sounding exhaust for these cars.
Audi's flagship powerhouse estate - with its whopping 560PS and 700Nm of torque - has been through Milltek Sport's development centre to receive a power hike, a sharper throttle response and, a reworking of the sound that's produced by that glorious 4.0 biturbo engine.

Milltek's technicians looked at how to improve on the OEM exhaust system, which features a number of restrictions in both gas flow rate and sound deadening, and will work their usual magic on it to produce a range of exhaust solutions which deliver more driver-engagement and add to the thrill of driving one of the most powerful cars on the road. As with all Milltek systems, the job is not complete until the system meets these objectives and yet remains completely in tune with how the car is being driven.

Check out Freeskier, Alpine ski racer and fast driver Jon Olsson in his Audi RS6 C7 with full Milltek Sport exhaust system expertly fitted by Stertman Motorsport

Milltek Sport understands that their customers want to release an aggressive roar when the throttle is buried into the carpet but not when popping to the shops with the family in tow.

This is Milltek's system fitted to a C7 RS6 on the dyno at Milltek stockist MRC Tuning in Banbury, England, who are developing a range of tuning packages to compliment Milltek Sport's new exhaust system.

Milltek have released a full turbo-back system with hi-flow sports cats as well as cat-back options which will include an 'E-Marked' system for sale into mainland Europe.