Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 EcoBoost
I recently purchased a cat-back for my Fiesta mk5 Zetec-S. Cannot fault it, looks and sounds perfect!
Using its contacts within the industry, Milltek Sport was one of the first tuning suppliers in the UK to gain access to the latest Fiesta ST upon its launch, quickly adding one to its development fleet. That fact, combined with the company’s huge knowledge of all Ford powerplants, has paid huge dividends. The design of the ST exhaust offers superb power and torque gains, with a thoroughly ‘grown-up’ soundtrack.

Exhaust tuning is critical on the Ford, due to the design of the punchy 1.6 litre engine and the relatively small size of the turbocharger that is designed to deliver its power with minimal lag. With these two factors playing a major part in the design process, Milltek’s engineers were keen to lower gas temperatures and optimise back-pressure without inducing the ‘rasp’ that so easily occurs when tuning low displacement engines. Needless to say, they managed it beautifully and the result is a note that exudes purpose, without droning or annoying at cruising speeds.

The system itself is based around a 2.75-inch (69.85mm) non-magnetic stainless-steel construction. Manufactured in Milltek’s own UK factory, mandrel-bending ensures a perfectly even diameter throughout and fitment apes the OE system to allow a myriad of fitment options and the ability to upgrade the system in a modular fashion, if required, to suit personal tastes or budgetary requirements.

A fully MOT-friendly system offers a 200-cell hi-flow sports catalyst and larger bore downpipe, enjoying full EC-approval in the process (if so required). A non EC-approved version is also available for those that wish to pass emissions tests, but aren’t governed by legislation like many countries in mainland Europe. These parts are designed to work with a choice of further system options in order to achieve the very best results. After this, owners can opt for either a resonated or non-resonated centre section, depending on the exact note they wish to achieve. A noisier ‘race’ spec system is also available for those looking to prepare their cars without compromise for either competition or track work. All systems use the superbly styled GT80 for a ‘factory with attitude’ demeanour that looks at home on all models.