Jaguar F-Type 3.0 V6 S
I would like to thank you for the great Milltek exhaust system that I installed on my 01 Jaguar XKR. The sound (non resonated) is just wonderful! I purchased it from Gerald at Paramount Performance who was great to deal with, and It fits like a glove with no problems. I belong to the XK8/R Enthusiasts group and will post some very positive feedback about my Milltek system!
The latest development from Milltek Sport is a range of performance exhaust systems for the iconic british sports car, the Jaguar F-Type.

First in this new line of products from Milltek will a cat back and full systems for the popular 3.0 V6 S models.

Options include full systems with and without high flow cats and cat back systems with the option of polished, cerakote black or titanuim trims. All system include full integration to the OE exhaust valve control system to retain the drivers ability to tune how they want their cars to sound.

More details to follow soon plus extensions to the range to include the 5.0 V8 supercharged models too.

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