Mercedes C63 AMG
With it's massive 6.2 V8 engine, the C63 AMG delivers big power and plenty of aggression, however, it does have a rather muted exhaust note in standard form...something Milltek Sport are ideally placed to fix with their 30 years experience producing some of the World's finest and most memorable performance exhaust systems.

First dyno run showed gains for 14 bhp and 30 Nm

One of the technical challenges when engineering exhaust systems for normally aspirated cars is creating a free-flowing system which increases power and torque throughout the rev-range (not just at the top-end) but also ensuring that the sound it produces doesn't become intrusive into the cabin when cruising around. It took all of Milltek's extensive experience and knowledge to produce something very special for the C63 and we can confirm they've managed it with spectacular results.

First dyno run showed gains for 14 bhp and 30 Nm for the secondary catalyst replacement pipes and uprated high flow primary sport cats!

We'll have more details here shortly...